Passenger Ratio

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Cruise info essential for many of us is the amount of space we will have on board ship. This can be hard to determine, so here at Cruising News we have devised a system to help with this issue. When cruise lines list the weight of each ship, it is not the actual tonnage, but the volumetric weight. In other words the cubic capacity of the vessel. So if you divide the ‘Weight’ by the total number of passengers, you have a ratio. This ratio can then be compared to other ships.

Of course this figure includes (your share of) staff quarters, kitchens, storerooms etc. But it will give a good indication of how each ship compares. The higher the figure the more space you will have!

This space will consist of; cabin size, bars, restaurants, shops, pool area etc. So it is only provided as an approximate guide, a high score does not necessarily indicate a large cabin.

A high passenger ration, coupled with a small number of passengers should indicate a luxury cruise.

Year Built

The year a ship was built needs to be considered in conjunction with the latest refurbishment.

Dress Code

Do you enjoy dressing up? Dinner Jacket, designer dress? or do you prefer to lounge around in casual attire. Choosing the wrong style of cruise can set your holiday off on the wrong foot. Be sure to check this cruise info before choosing your vessel.

Drinks Onboard

The cost of alcoholic drinks can make a huge impact on the total cost of you holiday. Drinks tend to be more expensive onboard than at home. It is also very easy to forget how much you are spending when paying by cruise card. Drinks packages can be a solution to this, however they tend to cater for those with a generous capacity. Often costing 35.00 or more – per person – per day! So a seven day drinks package for a couple would cost 490.00.