We’ve noticed that some cruise lines, including Norwegian, Carnival and Princess are starting a limited selection of cruises from July onwards. But how safe will it be?

Despite recent Coronavirus outbreaks on dozens of cruise ships and the fact that travel restrictions that have yet been lifted, cruise bookings are now possible for the near future.

However even if you book a cruise, it may not be possible to travel unless restrictions have been lifted. There is also the question of who will want to go on a cruise at the moment..

“It’s so in flux, that it’s almost ludicrous,” said cruise industry expert Ross Klein, “There’s so much we don’t know yet”.


No Sail Order - Safe to Cruise?


The No Sail Order issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in March is due to expire on July 24th. Some cruise ships are planned to set sail within a week of this date, hoping that there will not be an extension to the order,

The effects of COVID-19 have devastated the cruise industry and raised speculation that some cruise operators may not survive. Norwegian  was rescued from serious financial trouble this week by investors who pumped much needed finance into the company.

Carnival has announced plans to resume cruises from 1st August, with eight ships sailing from the U.S. to the Caribbean.

“Nothing is finalized,” said spokesperson Vance Gulliksen. “A variety of contingencies must be in place in advance of any potential sailing.” 

It is also questionable whether summer cruises would be profitable, even if it deemed safe to cruise. If cruise companies are only allowed to fill half the capacity of the ship due to social distancing rules.

But of course the question still remains – who will want to go? is it safe to cruise? Or will our desire to get back to normality help us to forget the horrific ordeals faced by cruise passengers so recently?

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